Hair Extension and Wig Storage Bag

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Protect your investment from dust, dirt, and tangling, while helping maintain its luster by storing your hair in our Hair Extension & Wig Storage Bag. Raw hair can last up to 5 years with proper maintenance and our storage bag offers the necessary assistance. Also, great for traveling.

This bag is made of high-quality, non-woven fabric and does not easily tear. Comes with an inside hanger for proper packaging/displaying and a transparent front cover with a zipper-seal for easy access.

For hair purchased to be used at a later date, to store hair between installations, or for those quick-wigs you just love to alternate between, our Hair Extension & Wig Storage Bag is the perfect place to keep them all. Buy a bag for each or let your extensions and wigs share. One bag can hold up to five wigs less than 20 inches.

Size: 60 x 29 cm / 23.6 x 11.4 inches

Color: Black and clear