Satin Pillow Case for Hair Care

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Did you know your pillowcase can negatively affect your hair and face while you sleep? Satin pillowcases offer a number of hair and facial benefits. The two most important being an increase in moisture and a decrease in friction. We have one just for you!

For the hair: Our Satin Pillowcase keeps your hair frizz and tangle free while reducing breakage as you sleep. Its moisture preserving ability aids to the healthiness of your natural hair and extends the life of your braids or extensions. 

For the face: Satin pillowcases are hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin. Their ability to preserve moisture aids in keeping our skin (face) hydrated. As you sleep, less friction means less tugging at your skin. This results in fewer sleep lines which can equal fewer wrinkles over time.

How to use: Slip onto your pillow and settle in for a luxurious night of sleep.

  • 20" x 30" Queen Size
  • Machine wash, line dry